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Today, Tučepi is most known for its hospitality and long tourist tradition, but judging by the archaeological findings, which include Roman tiles, old Roman money and jewellery Tučepi has a history longer than 2 millennia
In Tučepi, nature is protected and the beaches are unique. The main beach in Tučepi, protected with a Blue Flag, is almost four kilometres long, so one might call it the Croatian Copacabana, only cleaner and less crowded.

The Bluesun Hotel Kaštelet is also part of Tučepi’s rich history. A long time ago, back in the 18th century, it was the summerhouse of Don Klement Grubišić, where important and eminent guests from around the world would visit. It seems Don Grubišić had predestined the future use of his summerhouse as it became a Bluesun Hotel, continuing Don Grubišić's tradition of spreading the positive reputation of this Bluesun destination and the Kaštelet Hotel itself.

Apart from the Hotel Kaštelet, other Bluesun Hotels in Tučepi are:
  • Bluesun Resort Afrodita
  • Bluesun Hotel Alga
  • Bluesun’s all inclusive Hotel Neptun
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